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League of Lessons chronicles the trials and tribulations of a League of Legends player returning to the game after more than seven years.

Last week, I left behind the subservient support role to strike out on my own in the top lane. That's right, I'm a strong, independent top laner that doesn't need an AD carry. If you missed my open (breakup) letter to my ADC, it might make sense to review it before continuing here.

That's because this week... won't look too good on paper. I'm learning top, playing champions I've never played, and the result is pretty bad. But there's good news too! I've found a couple champions that I really enjoy, and will look to expand my pool over the coming weeks.

Skaarl and Kled's excellent adventures

I've only managed to get a couple games in on Kled, but I love what I've played so far, and he's my go-to for an aggressive top laner.

I like Kled for a couple reasons. Firstly, there's no mana, no bothersome AoE spells or silly taunt abilities. Kled is focused on one thing.

Kled goes in.

His Q helps him go in, his E helps him stay in, his W is free damage once he's in. Even his ult is just a more dangerous way for him (and his team) to go in. And if you can get ahead, Kled will absolutely rip apart the enemy's backline.

The second thing I like about Kled is the mind-game created by being dismounted. I've always liked baiting opponents into making mistakes in other games, and this character is a goldmine for that kind of minigame. Unfortunately, I've baited myself just as often, so I'm hoping it's just a matter of learning the character's limits.

Finally, target selection is just a matter of choosing who you want to kill. There isn't necessarily a "combo" per se, and besides the limited AoE from Titanic Hydra, you basically focus down a target.

I really like Kled. Kled goes in.


Galio is currently my preferred tank of choice for the top lane, and that's because Galio is pretty overpowered.

Or at least it seems that way to me. He can poke, he's got damage reduction and a taunt, he's got crowd control. One of my coworkers described Galio as a walking ball of stats, and that seems accurate. You don't need to win the lane, you just need to not lose it horribly, because after the laning phase, it's time to go in.

The downside to Galio and my main annoyance with him is that, when you're in the top lane, it's a really long way to team fights, and his ult doesn't quite give him the reach that I want.

Still, he can soak a seemingly-infinite amount of tower shots, and his ult is incredibly satisfying.

The Phantom Menace

It's time to return to something I wrote in my very first installment of League of Lessons, something that seemed a remote possibility back then, but is now a very real danger.

But, having played Yasuo, I get why people love playing him. I'm not good — at all — but the kit feels like it's designed for the hard outplay. You can practically hear the highlight reel music when you ult someone. I think I may have screamed part of Shooting Stars into Discord when I hit someone with Last Breath.

And that's the danger. You can get addicted to the power; the highlight music can get stuck in your head. It's why I've decided I will never unsheathe another katana as Yasuo unless given no other choice.

I'm now playing a role where I could routinely play Yasuo.

I could routinely play Yasuo.

I could play Yasuo.

I know I will be tested. I know, after a tough loss, I'll be tempted to wield this power, knowing full well that it can corrupt, but accepting that as the cost of the Wind Technique.

I need to resist, but I don't know if I'm strong enough.

The Road So Far

Stats to-date: 50-61 (45.0%) in normal modes

Top top champions so far (ayyy): Galio 1-1, Kled 0-1, Rammus 0-1

Rammus game of the week: 0/7/3

Account Level: 22

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.

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