Tjugo färska nyheter Vi löser mystiska mordgåtor i The Sexy Brutale


Det är lite som om den kultförklarade dunderkomedin Groundhog Day möter en helt vanlig mordthriller signerat Agatha Christie i det nyligen utgivna indieprojektet The Sexy Brutale. Gamereactor TV-grabbarna satte sig ned med The Sexy Brutale under gårdagen.

"All the guests are being murdered, horribly, at this extravagant masquerade party set all across the sprawling and bizarre Sexy Brutale casino mansion. Then at midnight, the clock re-winds and the grisly pantomime all plays out again in exactly the same way. You awake on the floor of one of the rooms wearing a mask with a bloody handprint across it. It protects you from the worst of the evil that lays across the mansion, but you can only watch, and spy, and try to learn each guest's secrets so you can save them from their bloody fate."

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