Tjugo färska nyheter Schafer, Spector och Starbreeze pratar framtiden för spel


Gamereactor Englands Bengt Lemne frågade en panel av industriveteraner som Lucasarts-kungen Tim Schafer, Deus Ex-generalen Warren Spector samt Starbreeze-gubben och Grin-producenten Bo Anderson (Bionic Commando, Terminator: Salvation) en hop med frågor om deras respektive karriärer, spelvärldens skick just nu samt hur de ser på mediet i stort.

Tim Schafer om uppföljare:
"When it comes to doing a sequel the challenging thing in some part is thinking about what players really want and need, because part of them, they obviously liked the first game, that's why they want a sequel, so there's something about the game they really liked, so figuring out what it was they really liked. And then, they've played a lot of games in the meantime, so what have they learned and how they've changed, and what would they demand now that they wouldn't demand back then."

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