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It didn't take me long to reconsider a course of action I had attempted earlier in this grand experiment. I had previously decided to focus on a select group of champions, but I've decided to stop that for now.

Having focus champions is probably a prudent strategy for someone who is playing ranked and wants to improve. It's probably good for certain personality types to be able to control their own variables as precisely as possible while they learn the game.

I'm just not one of those people. I'm doing this — every League of Legends project related to my job, really — because I enjoy learning. I basically volunteered myself to write LoL content because I knew it would give me the opportunity to immerse myself in something I didn't know much about, at least initially.

That sort of immersion creates a drive that I can harness.

So limiting myself to a few champions right now doesn't feel like a good strategy, at least in the short term. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment! I want to experiment with ambulatory catfish men, fae sorceresses and ascendant magi. I want to go on a Magical Journey and feel the Howling Gale in my hair as I strike a Power Chord.

The good news is that there aren't a ton of support picks that are common at the moment, so even if I do widen my range a bit, it's not like I'm adding a ton of champions to the mix.

And if I'm going to have an inting jungler in my game (shoutout to the 2/9/2 Warick I reported), at least I can be learning the ins and outs of a new champion while he dies repeatedly, intentionally and eternally.

Unbench the Kench

That said, I've decided I will be trying to focus this week on Tahm Kench, as I have a soft spot for slippery Siluriformes. He went on sale recently and, in some ways, his kit feels Braum-like... except he seems way tougher to kill and his team needn't follow his lead as closely.

Plus, he's got a tiny hat!

Honestly though, what appeals to me is that he seems tough to kill and decently well-rounded: something that I haven't really felt about any of the tank supports to this point. Braum is fun but needs your team to buy-in, Alistar is all-in... I just haven't found a tank support that I enjoy playing when I'm queuing by myself.

Maybe, with the tank reworks that went live Tuesday, I won't have to play them as much, which would be fine with me.

Sorak and Roll

It was yet another short week for me, though I hope that the above change should help me muster the will to cram in more games.

But it was also the week that featured normal mode game number 100 since returning to the Rift, and it was fittingly on Soraka. I went 0/0/9 in a dominant 22-minute game that saw my ADC go 8/1/1, including a quadra kill around the dragon pit.

When to dodge?

Finally, I'm trying to be more effective at choosing when to dodge. When my ADC is hovering Xayah and my jungler offers to trade with literally anyone and, failing that, follows up with "my jg is shit," that's probably a game I should dodge.

But I didn't dodge that game, and instead got the aforementioned inting Warwick, a Xayah with a death wish, and got the most kills on my team as Braum (???).

I think I need to trust my instincts more on this, but we'll see. As Swain Gretzky once said, "You play 100 percent of the games you don't dodge."

The Road So Far

Stats to-date: 47-55 (46.0%) in normal modes

Top champions so far: Soraka (11-7), Zyra (7-3), Braum (6-5), Alistar (4-3)

Boom, Soraka-laka!: 0/0/9

Throw of the week: Caitlyn, 5/13/4 (More like Missed Fortune, am I right?)

Account Level: 21

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