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After years of fans clamoring for more international events, Riot has given in to the demands and announced Rift Rivals, a series of international tournaments that will feature regions facing off against their closest rival regions in a three-to-four day invitational tournament.

In true Riot fashion though, the format is complicated, and every Rift Rivals tournament will feature a different same format, making it difficult to understand at a glance. So, here's how Rift Rivals will work for each regional matchup. For reference, every tournament will feature the highest-ranked teams from the last finished split. So, for example, the NA vs. EU Rift Rivals tournament will feature three NA teams, which will be Team SoloMid, Cloud9 and Phoenix1.

The NA vs. EU tournament will take place in Berlin from July 6-8, and feature six teams, three from each region. The teams will play a best-of-one round robin tournament to determine seeding in a last-man standing tournament. The two lowest seeds from each region will face off first, with the winner moving on to play the next lowest seed from the opposite region. The winners will stay on until all teams from one region are eliminated, and the last region standing will be the winner.

The LCK vs. LMS vs. LPL tournament will be played in Kaohsiyng City, Taiwan, from July 6-9 and feature 12 teams, four from each region. Each region will play four best-of-ones against the other regions with matchups based on seeding, and the region with the best record will advance directly to the finals. The second and third-place regions will play what Riot calls a "relay" best-of-five series where the two teams playing will change every single game. The winning region will move on to the finals to play another relay Bo5.

The LLN vs. CBLOL vs. CLS tournament will feature six teams, two from each region, and will be played in Santiago, Chile from July 5-8. Round 1 will see each region play the other regions teams in a Bo1 round robin, with the winner moving on to the finals. Round 2 will see the other two regions play a Bo5 to earn a spot in the finals, with will be another Bo5. Riot did not state if these Bo5s will be played in their relay format, or their last man standing format.

The GPL vs. OPL vs. LJL tournament, held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from July 3-6, will have nine teams, three from each region, play each other in a Bo1 round robin with matchups based on seeding. The region with the highest record will move on to the finals, while the other two teams will play a last man standing semifinals that will begin wit the two lowest-ranking teams. The finals will be a relay Bo5 between the winners of round one and two.

Finally, the LCL vs. TCL tournament will be held in Moscow from July 6-9 and feature eight teams, four from each region. The regions will play a 16-game Bo1 round robin, and the two teams with the highest record will face off in a Bo5 grand finals.

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