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Have you ever played Dota 2 and thought that it would work better as a kart racer? No? Well it doesn't matter, because a number of intrepid creator's have turned it into one.

Dota Run is essentially the result of someone deciding to mash Dota 2 and Mario Kart together into one game. The best part is, it works wonderfully. Whether you're playing against total strangers or screaming at your friends in a private lobby, Dota Run is an engaging custom game that is worth racing around the track a couple of times.

The Rules

Dota Run turns the classic Dota map into a giant spiral that serves as the track, where players start on one corner and must race to the center to score points. The first player to reach the set point limit wins the game. Built for up to 10 players, the mode allows for racers to vote on the point limit, so games can be as short or as long as you want. And while players can choose from one of 10 heroes to race with, there is no major difference between them.

Most importantly, Dota Run's map never changes, which allows you to slowly learn the intricacies of it as you travel through it again and again. That is particularly helpful, considering the course is littered with traps that use the abilities of several heroes and creeps to their full advantage. Pudge lies in wait on a cliff, ready to hook racers up to his position, while multiple Earthshaker's spam Fissure to stun large groups of people at once.

To further the karting experience, there are power ups spread throughout the map that will provide additional abilities to strategically use. These are based off one items and abilities present in Dota 2, such as Windranger's Shackleshot or Manta Style. There's nothing quite like blocking a passageway with an illusion to knocking your competitors with a timely Toss, and the inclusion of power ups makes it an absolute blast to play.

Tips and Tricks

Read the descriptions for powerups

While racing around the track, you will occasionally pick up power ups from travelling over marked plates in the ground. These enable you to blink past obstacles or to stun enemies for a short time, much like items in other karting games. Yet you won't know what they will do unless you either have an intimate knowledge of multiple items and abilities or have played Dota Run multiple times through. So put some time aside to read what each power up does. While it will slow you down, it will leave you much more prepared for future races.

Save Blink Daggers for the second half of the course

If you're lucky enough to get a Blink Dagger early on, save it. In the second half of the course, there are multiple walls and obstacles that will block your path, which a Blink Dagger can easily surpass. Walls populated with Centaurs who stun can be easily navigated with a quick Blink, while in the case of several tree walls, Blink will allow you to get past them without knocking down trees that would otherwise allow your competition to catch up.

Use the Force Staff liberally

The one tool that is common to every racer is a Force Staff, which propels the target 600 units in the direction they are facing. This includes the player themselves, enabling you to quickly catch up to other racers or to further your advantage if you're in the lead. With a relatively short cooldown, Force Staff should be used at every available opportunity to maximize its use.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.

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