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Remember those moments in classic zombie films like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later where the protagonists are running from a horde of zombies, trying desperately to escape death?

If you've ever sat there and laughed at how many fail to avoid having their brains served for lunch, the Zombie Escape custom game in CS:GO will show you just how difficult it really is.

But don't think it'll be easy. You can't just spray an undead brain eater down with the AK and call it a day. You'll need patience and a lot of teamwork to survive, and with a typical game featuring upwards of 40 players, Zombie Escape provides a challenge like no other in CS:GO.

The Rules: How to play Zombie Escape

In Zombie Escape, players are divided into two teams: humans and zombies. The humans have every weapon that's available to be purchased in CS:GO at their disposal, along with a couple of special ones that change from map to map. The zombies, on the other hand, have to rely solely on their knives, but have the advantage that a single knife hit will kill a human and convert them to a zombie.

The rules are simple: humans have to escape from a horde of zombies by reaching the end of the level, while the zombies have to, you guessed it, kill all the humans. This typically involves some degree of platforming through each map, as well as waiting for doors to open to advance through each level. Occasionally there is a boss monster at the end, but not all maps have this feature.

The zombies' speed and health, as well as the number of weapons available for use by the humans, vary widely from game to game. In general though, zombies will have a massive amount of health and are marginally faster than humans. Due to the fact that zombies respawn on death, it is all but impossible to keep a zombie player down.

Instead, humans have to rely on a massive amount of firepower to push the zombies back and knock them off ledges. So ditch the AWPs, because heavy machine guns like the Negev will be far more useful in pushing back the zombie horde.

Zombie Escape is played on a wide variety of custom maps, which are regularly rotated through via a player vote in each of the servers. They range from classic zombie staples like a shopping mall or an office building, to a shrunken down haunted mansion, an arctic military base and a recreation of Rapture from the Bioshock series.

Tips and Tricks: Surviving the zombie apocalypse

Master the crouch jump

If you play CS:GO regularly, you should know what the crouch jump is. For those who don't, crouch jumping involves jumping and crouching at the same time in order to clear obstacles that cannot be cleared with a regular jump. In Zombie Escape, mastering this skill is all but required to advance for both humans and zombies. Fail to master this, and you will find yourself staring at the hungry hordes rushing your position.

Stick with your team, or else everyone dies

Humans start the game with a massive number advantage, as there are only a handful of zombies at the beginning. With the amount of firepower that a team of dozens of players bring to the table, it should be all but impossible for zombies to win. At least in theory.

But that's rarely the case in practice. Zombies can easily pick off individual players who linger or are locked behind doors, while many human players are more content to hug a locked door while waiting for it to open instead of supporting the team. So instead of trying to escape all the time, support your teammates. Providing supporting fire, watching each others backs and not isolating yourself will enable you to win more frequently as a human.

Follow the other players when playing a new map

As a newbie playing Zombie Escape, each map will be a completely new experience that you will need to learn from scratch. You'll have to discover the correct path through the stage, what kinds of special weapons there are to use and what traps to avoid with each playthrough.

It may take a long time before you know the ins and outs of each map, but the best way to learn a map is to follow the other players on your team, regardless of if you're a human or zombie. Most players are experienced, and there will frequently be one or two players who will provide instructions on what to do at in the game. Follow them and trust them, and you'll be able to pick up the gist of what's happening pretty quickly.

But above all, the one thing you'll really need to survive CS:GO Zombie Escape is brains. Delicious brains.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.

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