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It was another short week for my League of Legends adventure as I was confronted with two immense barriers to entry that ruined my drive to continue: the release of Rakan and Xayah, as well as a seriously tilt-inducing game last Wednesday that put me off for the rest of the week.

Rakan Role Dodgin'

Last week, Rakan and Xayah were released. This is the first hero release during my return to the game, so I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Our resident League of Legends expert, Gabriel Zoltan-Johan, actually asked me to duo-queue with him so that we could play the two new champions and he could gather some material to write guides for the two heroes. That meant a lot; Gabe had never played a game with me and I wanted to take this as some sort of sign that my foray into League of Legends was being accepted by someone within the community.

My hopes were dashed as every draft we loaded into either had people snatch up the champions or dodge once we had them. I think we spent about 30 minutes trying to get them, even dodging a couple times ourselves, before it became clear that trying to play them on release day was a mistake.

I was devastated. Senpai had noticed me, but I was unable to show my prowess. Unlucky.

But this pattern continued throughout the week. Even when I wasn't actively trying to play Rakan, dodges happened after he was banned. When I managed to snag him, someone dodged. I even had someone get into the lobby, ask to swap roles with me (I was mid, he was support), and when I refused — but seemed poised to get Rakan — he dodged.

I did manage to get a single Rakan game in, but my ADC was playing Miss Fortune for the first time and the results were more painful than being covered in lemon juice and keelhauled. I liked what I saw from Rakan, though, and will try to develop some further opinions on him as I continue to play.

Intentional BM

Speaking of Rakan and Xayah, I was in another game with one of my friends where someone reacted badly to a ban on these champions. The only issue was that it was my friend banning away our teammate's Xayah, and he did it strictly to troll.

The resulting firestorm saw our ADC pick Ivern and feed heavily for 25 minutes. At first I thought everything was okay, as he agreed to swap to Jungle and even took the appropriate summoner spells. At first I was tempted to dodge, but with everything seemingly working itself out, I decided against it. But once we got into the game, I was introduced to the true meaning of the term "inting" (intentionally feeding)

As our Nexus fell, with my 1/4/7 Soraka helpless to stop the wanton destruction, I cried out, asking "why?" And he responded, "Don't ban my champion next time."

So what Int-vern did was obviously against the Summoner's Code, and I'm not sure about my friend. But provoking an agonizing, unwinnable 25-minute game is not my idea of a good time, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Can I trust this person not to do this whenever they feel like it? Probably not. With my limited time each week to actually play this game, risking a garbage fire every time I queue with this person is probably not a good idea.

Wolfie, interrupted

"Please don't ban Wolfie. I want to play heem. :3"

So began one of my week's games, where (I assume) our jungler wanted us to leave Warwick on the table.

I hovered Rakan. He was banned away. No surprise there. My jungler would soon feel that same sting as Warwick was banned by the enemy.

"Now they've done it — they forced me to play my main," he opined, locking in Kha'Zix.

The Kha'Zix — who ended the game 8/9/5 — was not the reason we won that game. More likely, it was our 8/0/8 Riven, or our 8/2/9 Akali. But he kept up the enthusiasm the entire game, joking around as fortunes swayed one way or the other. He was a genuine pleasure to play with and, regardless of outcome, was the kind of teammate I wish I could get more often.

The road so far

Stats to-date: 46-52 (46.9%) in normal modes

Top champions so far: Soraka (10-7), Zyra (7-3), Braum (6-4), Alistar (4-3)

Boom, Soraka-laka!: 0/2/15

Throw of the week: Rakan, 1/5/3 (More like Missed Fortune, am I right?)

Account Level: 21

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.

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